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Wayne Mah

Since 1995 Wayne has been committed to providing unparalleled service to his clients. His patience in listening to his clients’ needs and desires, the commitment to ensuring that these needs are met efficiently, and his ability to be flexible with his schedule are just a few of the compliments that he has received from clients over the years.

Most important of all, Wayne enjoys interacting with people and in working with them to achieve their goals. These qualities have contributed to his success. Having started his career employed by one of Canada’s largest financial institution as a Mortgage Specialist, Wayne also has the experience and knowledge to help you arrange the financing which will best suit you.


“My ultimate goal is to help get you into the home that you want. Mortgage financing is not as generic as most people believe. One size does not fit all. Especially in today’s marketplace where there are numerous lenders, products and options being offered. Each client’s current finances and long term outlook and goals are different. With a continuously growing list of lenders to choose from, along with an array of options that each offer, it can be a daunting and time consuming task to find the right package. I have the experience, knowledge and patience to work with you in finding and negotiating a custom fitted mortgage package on your behalf. With the ability to transmit the application using the latest technology I am able to service my clients with even greater speed and efficiency. I want to be an integral part of your home buying process.”

For a personal and confidential discussion call Wayne directly at (604) 880-1899.


Our Vision Statement:

Through teamwork and “SPIRIT”, our vision is to be successful and the most respected Mortgage Company in our market.


  • We will provide our customers with a level of service that exceeds their expectations.


  • We deliver excellence through hard work and continued education.


  • We will always do the right thing.


  • We take ownership & hold ourselves accountable for all our actions.


  • Our customers must love and trust us.


  • We will always express our gratitude for the opportunity to earn a client’s trust and their business.

Why Use City Wide Mortgage Services?

  • City Wide Mortgage Services has a diverse group of dedicated mortgage brokers to serve your needs and find you the best mortgage rates.
  • Our brokers are available to meet your needs seven days a week.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has members who can communicate in Cantonese, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Farsi, and Punjabi.
  • For traditional qualified applications, our services are available to you at no fees (we are compensated by our lenders, who pay us finder’s fees).
  • We can save you time and money by searching our wide variety of lenders to find you the best mortgage to suit your needs.
  • We adhere to high standards of ethics and professionalism, with all of our mortgage specialists operating under the provincial statutes of British Columbia and Federal laws of Canada.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has the experience of handling an average of 800 mortgage transactions per year.
  • City Wide Mortgage Services has the advantages of being ‘small’ and ‘big’ at the same time:
    • Small, close-knit family of mortgage brokers ensures personal service.
    • Access to a large number of lenders and mortgage packages through City Wide Mortgage Services networks.

We are proud of helping our clients get the best mortgage packages through our hard work and care for our clients. We will always express our gratitude for the opportunity to earn a client’s business – that’s our promise to you!


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